The "Kipplaufbuechse", as it is called in German, a break open stalking rifle of extraordinary grace, light weight, compactness and wonderful handling. These guns have been for over a century a favorite for hunting in difficult terrain, such as in the Swiss Alps or the Carpathian mountains. The ultimate take-down rifle.
Why order a rifle from Europe? Now for the first time available 100 % built in the USA . Right here in our shop. 
There are fewer and fewer gunmakers in Europe that possess the skill and the knowledge to build traditional pre-war style break open guns. We are proud to continue the craft here in Oregon.

Model Helvetia

Our model "Helvetia":

An incredible nice handling rifle, compact and quick to take apart, this is a real gentleman's hunting rifle.
This rifle is based on the pre-war Merkel 180 models. It is a light and strong break open stalking rifle, with Purdey style under-bolt and  Greener third fastener. It is available with or without automatic ejector. With half length or full length stock.  Available for most rimmed and rimless standard calibers, up to caliber 9.3 x 74R. Barrel length between 22" and 26", as preferred by the customer. Individually stocked to your dimensions.

100 % built in our shop.

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Buehler Custom Sporting Arms
From the Swiss Alps to the Rocky Mountains...The Helvetia is made to hunt.
The ultimate take-down rifle for the exquisite hunting experience.

Each rifle is build as one of a kind. While we utilize modern technology to make parts of high precision, most of the work is still performed on the bench. There, carefully filing and polishing each part to final fit, smoke fitting the barrel to the action and inletting and shaping of the stock are done with traditional hand tools. The outside shape of the receiver could be 3D machined, but we feel that a rifle like this should be filed and chiseled by hand to the finished form. This to give it the soul it deserves and to keep the craftsmanship of bygone eras alive.

As with every gun we build, many options and upgrades are available. From the stock to the barrel contour we are pretty flexible as everything is done in our shop. Your input is welcome and will help us to build truly a one of a kind rifle for you. 

We are currently in the design and planning stage for building a high grade box lock double rifle in the pre-war British tradition. We are looking forward to adding it to our product line.