Mauser rifle in 9.3x62. This rifle was built in the style of the vintage Rigby #2 rifles. With ladder rear sight and engravings.
Bavarian style Mauser rifle with small ring action, cal. 6.5x55
Bavarian Mauser 6.5x55

Custom built Sharps rifle, in the style of the "Freund Brothers" Sharps rifles.
Custom stocked take-down Winchester High-Wall, in .20 Ga. and .577 Alex. Henry
Custom Winchester 94 in process.
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Buehler Custom Sporting Arms
Special Projects
All of our rifles are unique and individually built. We welcome and accommodate special requests from our customers.

On this page featured are one of a kind rifles we have created for our customers.

Bavarian style Mauser, caliber .308 Norma Magnum.