We offer our Mauser style bolt action rifles in small, medium, magnum and express calibers. Available in right and left hand versions.
By request we can use other actions, such as Winchester 70 type actions or your action. We offer our rifles in 2 models, but we will consider special projects.

Our "Buehler English Express" features Express sights, custom machined quarter rib, banded front sight ramp and sling swivel band. It is influenced by the style of the vintage Holland & Holland rifles.

The other model is our 'Buehler Classic", with  custom machined banded rear sight ramp, banded flush front sight ramp and sling swivel band. The barrel contour is in the style of the vintage Rigby's.

These riles are individually made and each requires many hours of hand work. Many upgrades, such as extended tangs and engravings are available.

Buehler Classic #4
Cal. .404 Jeffery, with Mauser 98 magnum action.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for further informations.

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Buehler Custom Sporting Arms
Bolt Action Rifles
Buehler English Express, Mauser 98 Brno ZG 47 action. Cal. .30-06, with extended tang.
Buehler English Express, cal. .404 Jeffery. Left -hand with extended tang, tang safety and custom machined shroud.
.416 Rigby
With Magnum 98 action, no sights.

.416 Rigby, left hand

Cal. 9.3x62, with modified Persian Mauser 98 action. Features extended top and bottom tang.

Buehler Classic #2
Cal. 6.5x55 Mauser. With vintage small ring Oberndorf 98 action. Custom engraved.

Buehler English Express
Buehler English Express, cal. .375 H&H Magnum
.300 H&M Magnum.
English Express with small ring commercial magnum 98 action.

.300 H&M Magnum.
Custom rifle with small ring commercial magnum 98 action and H&H style scope mount.