... pretty straight forward. We select the best materials, components and stock blanks available. Many hours of machining operations, followed by even more hours of bench work will transform eventually the material into a finished, one of a kind firearm. Each gun we create is the product of many years of studying, learning, practical experience, and the desire to combine the right blend of aesthetics with functionality.

We are flexible and accommodate the wishes of our customers. Most of our guns show certainly a large British and American influence, but we can also build guns in the German style and tradition. The difference between an exceptional custom gun and an average gun often is found in the attention to details, with overall styling and shape, and comfortable handling. These factors are a reflection of the makers ability.

Function and accuracy is a must. At Buehler Custom Sporting Arms, each rifle is being tested for function and accuracy during the building process involving several range sessions.

Fit and finish is equally important to us. Each gun is individually tailored to the customers specifiactions. Our stocks are made to fit the client, if meeting in person is possible we utilize an adjustable try gun to determine the proper fit. If meeting is not possible we will assist the client in providing us with the necessary measurements. Our stocks are checkered by hand and finished with a hand applied oil finish. The metal typically is rust blued to a beautiful satin black.

Our shop is well equipped and allows us to perform most gunmaking operations in house. Besides the manual operated machines, we have two CNC milling machines and we also utilize computer aided drafting (CAD). But the most time in building a fine custom gun is still spent at the work bench, filing, hand fitting and hand polishing parts, and shaping, sanding, finishing and checkering stocks by hand.
All metal and wood work is performed by Reto Buehler. Only the rust-blueing and the engravings are performed by partners.

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Buehler Custom Sporting Arms
The recipe to a fine custom gun is...