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Buehler Custom Sporting Arms
Guns for Sale.

Dakota Arms, Model 76 African Deluxe, caliber .300 Holland & Holland
New rifle, unfired since it left the factory. With original factory targets and owner's certificate.
24" barrel, 14 1/4 " length of pull. With high-quality Schmidt & Bender scope 1.1 - 4 x 24 and quick detachable swing mount. Scroll engravings on the floor plate, front sight ramp, barrel, banded sling swivel band and on the quarter rib. Stocked with English walnut. A great rifle with a great trigger pull, ready for hunting.

Please call for more information on these guns: (541) 664 9109
Perguini & Visini, Co., Caliber 9.3x74R

Double rifle, box lock with 24 3/4" long barrels. Used but in excellent condition. Clean bores. With high-quality Swarovski scope 4x32 and German claw mount.
14 1/2" length of pull.

W.J.Jeffery: New Mauser magnum rifle, cal. .404 Jeffery. Double square bridge magnum action. 25" barrel. Engraved and color case hardened receiver. Fully cased. Lenght of pull 14 3/4"
Please call for more information.

W.J.Jeffery: New box lock double rifle, .470 NE. 24" barrels, with automatic ejectors. Fully cased. With scroll engravings and color case hardened receiver. Please call for more information.
W.J.Jeffery: New .416 Rigby rifle. 24" barrel, magnum double square bridge Mauser receiver. Fully cased. 14 3/4" lenght of pull. With scroll engravings on the floor plate and the caliber engraved in gold.