We use a variety of systems to install scopes to fine rifles. Our two CNC milling machines allow us to machine custom scope rings and custom bases individually. For swing and claw mounts we use the best parts available from Germany.
Precision fitting is a must and we take great pride and care in this challenge.

Scope mounts
Talley scope rings with custom machined bases.
German claw mount
German claw mount
Mauser Oberndorf style claw mount
Buehler CSA quick release scope mount. Custom machined to allow for lowest scope installation.
German swing mount. Very quick detachable and returns guranteed to zero.
Holland & Holland style custom scope mount. We machine the parts for this scope mount in house to insure best possible fit and the lowest mounting of the scope.
H&H scope mount
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Buehler Custom Sporting Arms
Scope mounts